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College Students:

Perhaps you have seen my flyers posted around campus...  "ACCOUNTING  TUTORED BY...  Experienced CPA...  Teacher...  College Instructor...  CALL ANDREW"

Perhaps you have heard good things about me from instructors and other students...  For many years, I have provided professional tutoring services and CPA exam review to career-minded college students to help them excel in accounting and business courses en route to becoming among the best in their field.  Students who need help and don't get help simply don't pass, or worse yet, they don't become adequately prepared for the more advanced courses that follow.  Most students who use this service have several things in common; they are all serious about success, they are interested in obtaining more than just a passing letter grade, and most are preparing for entry into the highly competitive fields of accounting, business, or finance.  These students also realize that expert help from a professional is often necessary to insure their academic success, and these students are among the ones who usually get the A's and the B's.

This professional tutoring service is intended primarily for students who are serious about success.  Accordingly, each student is provided with a with a personalized "one-on-one" learning program which closely follows the outline of the college course through a series of regular weekly appointments.  As your personal instructor and advisor, I develop a strong interest in your progress and work with you very closely to help you be your best.  And since most college students tend to keep their regular appointment time(s) week after week and even into next semester, students who contact me early in the semester have a much better chance of obtaining regular appointment time(s) that can best accommodate their school and/or work schedule.  As the semester progresses, new students may find it difficult to obtain their first appointment as my reputation for teaching excellence is well known among both students and faculty alike.  However, openings do become available from time to time and new students are always welcome.

For college students interested in obtaining regular appointment time(s) for next semester, please let me know as soon as possible.  As graduating students create new openings, I begin planning my teaching schedule for next semester as soon as registration begins.

CPA Exam Candidates:

For many years, I have provided personalized CPA exam review to career-minded CPA exam candidates, college graduates, and working professionals in preparing them for CPA certification.  My reputation for teaching excellence and CPA review is well known throughout the entire South Florida business community as both first-time exam candidates and repeat test-takers routinely come from far and wide to attend my personalized "one-on-one" CPA preparation and review program.  We cover all the required material and the pace is swift.  So if you too are indeed serious about becoming a CPA, then please call me at (954) 922-8040 and I'll let you know what appointment time(s) are currently available and I'll do my best to get you on my teaching schedule and into your own personalized program of success.  For more information on my personalized CPA exam preparation and review program and answers to many common questions, please CLICK HERE.



Andrew S. Rosz, CPA, Instructor
Broward Accounting Tutor, South Florida CPA Exam Review Program


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