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Instructor: Andrew S. Rosz

To: All Students

From: Andrew S. Rosz, Instructor

Subject: Short-Notice Cancellations and Other Acts of Irresponsibility


As you know, academic success requires a commitment on behalf of both of us. My commitment is evidenced by a scheduling policy that gives you the student, the opportunity to enroll in a comprehensive learning program through a series of regularly scheduled appointments. There is however a responsibility on your part as well... simply to attend each and every appointment.


Each semester, I turn away dozens of students for lack of available appointment times. Since you have been lucky enough to secure one or more regular appointment times, please understand that I have reserved those times exclusively for you. Therefore, please be reminded that my scheduling policy requires payment for appointments that are canceled on short notice since it is usually impossible for me to schedule other students on short notice to fill the gap. Also, short-notice cancellations severely disrupt my professional teaching day since I schedule only a limited number of regular appointments per day.

I understand that many short-notice cancellations occur for unavoidable emergencies, doctor's appointments, and other good reasons, however, please be reminded that payment for appointments canceled on short notice will be expected upon your next visit.


As a reminder, when you schedule appointments with your doctor or dentist, be sure to schedule them around our regular appointments. Please remember that I too am an established professional, just like your doctor or dentist. Please also remember that I schedule only three appointments per day, not 50 or 60 like your doctor or dentist, consequently, my scheduling is not as flexible as theirs might be. Also, since I see each student PROMPTLY at their scheduled time, be sure to arrive to each of your appointments just a few minutes early so our session can begin promptly as scheduled.

- ALSO -

When a new student calls me for the first time seeking help with their studies, seldom do they know what to expect. Indeed, it takes great courage for most students to pick up the phone and make the call. But, the fact is… they did make the call and thus took the first step toward academic improvement. Unless they are students referred to me by instructors or other students, little do they know of the manner in which I teach. Only after they have been here a few times do they begin to understand how comprehensive and effective my programs really are, and how my learning programs can help propel them to the top of their class. As a teaching professional of many years, I have spent thousands of hours in preparing structured presentations and coursework for the various programs that I offer. As such, I have completely dedicated myself toward helping students achieve academic success by providing comprehensive learning programs which closely follow the outline of the college course through a series of regular weekly appointments.

Every once in a while, I still manage to recruit a student who does not understand that attendance to each and every scheduled appointment is MANDATORY. By obtaining regular appointment time(s), you have indeed excluded other students from obtaining those times. Accordingly, securing regular appointment times is a privilege and students must not risk losing their appointment time(s) to other students by committing one or more of the following "Acts of Irresponsibility"…


When a student commits an "Act of Irresponsibility," they deny me of the opportunity to earn a living. They also commit a sin against the other students who would have otherwise been scheduled for that particular appointment time. As calls are constantly coming in from new students seeking help, when you reserve your place on my regular teaching schedule, you have indeed excluded others from obtaining those appointment time(s). As a reminder, I offer professional teaching services for the following two reasons…

  1. To earn a living; teaching is what I do… it is my livelihood.
  2. To give students an opportunity to achieve their academic and professional goals which in most cases, would not otherwise happen without my help.

It is important for all students to understand that I am perhaps the only person IN THE ENTIRE SOUTH FLORIDA AREA who does what I do, in the manner in which I do it, and with the effectiveness at which we achieve results. My reputation for teaching excellence is well known among both students and faculty alike and accordingly, students "compete" for their place on my regular teaching schedule. Students thus occasionally need to be reminded of their primary responsibility when enrolling in my programs… That is, the need to be here… on time, for each and every scheduled appointment. Successful completion of the coursework and academic success depends on it.

For those students already enrolled in my programs, you have undoubtedly discovered that I genuinely care about you and your success. Indeed, you won’t find too many people in life, professional or otherwise, who genuinely care about you. When you DO encounter these rare individuals, you want to nurture your relationships with them, and not commit any "Acts of Irresponsibility" that would otherwise jeopardize those relationships. My standards of teaching excellence require that I recruit only those students who, in my professional opinion, have the best chances of becoming among the best in their field. If you are indeed one of these selected individuals, then you already realize that this writing is not directed toward yourself. You already understand all of what has been said and you are undoubtedly a responsible individual who will faithfully attend each and every scheduled appointment.

However, if you find that you may be tempted to commit one or more "Acts of Irresponsibility" as outlined above, then you risk jeopardizing perhaps one of the most beneficial relationships that you will ever encounter during your lifetime. When you commit an "Act of Irresponsibility" toward me and the programs that I offer, you are ultimately committing an "Act of Irresponsibility" against yourself. You are also giving me a reason to stop caring. As all of my current and former students know, I "hand-pick" the students I choose to work with… for every student on my regular teaching schedule, four to five others have been excluded. Just as you have interviewed me at the onset, I have indeed interviewed you to make sure that we will be able to develop a certain "professional friendship" in an environment of learning which is based on an attitude of mutual caring and trust. Indeed, I genuinely care about the success of each and every student in my programs. Accordingly, if I have expressed a sincere interest in you and your academic success, then cherish this relationship; nurture it, and use it to develop yourself into the best individual you can possibly be. Make it a priority to faithfully attend each and every scheduled appointment. The personal and professional rewards forthcoming will eventually come back to you ten-fold and serve you well throughout the rest of your academic and professional life.

Please read the Student Acknowledgement that I require all students to sign prior to being accepted into my learning programs...


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