South Florida CPA Exam Review Program
Personalized "One-On-One" CPA Exam Preparation and Review
Instructor: Andrew S. Rosz, CPA

2743 Madison Street, Hollywood, Florida 33020
(954) 922-8040

Dear CPA Exam Candidate:

As you may know, passing the CPA exam and becoming a licensed CPA is absolutely essential for maximizing your career potential as an accounting professional.  Because with a CPA certification, you become more valuable and more employable as you age.  Without the CPA certification, most accountants become less emloyable as they get older and are rarely considered for executive positions such as senior accounting manager, controller, or CFO.  But for the vast majority of CPA exam candidates, passing all four parts of the CPA exam is a seemingly impossible task.  After more than twenty five years of teaching CPA exam review, I have identified several reasons why most CPA candidates (and even the brightest college graduates with the highest GPA's) routinely fall short of ever becoming a CPA.  The more common reasons are as follows...

Fortunately, each of the above deficiencies can be corrected through my personalized "one-on-one" CPA exam preparation and review program.

Candidates with one or more of the above deficiencies also tend to underestimate the exam requirements and decide to sit for the exam prematurely and before they are adequately prepared believing that if they do poorly on their first attempt, they can simply take it again and perhaps have a better chance of passing the second time around.  But rarely do these candidates ever achieve success on their second or third attempts without a significant improvement in their study effort.  This is because each exam is different and typically includes only a 3% selection from all the material the candidate is expected to know.  Candidates must therefore obtain an expert understand of all the required material to have any realistic chance of ever passing the exam when faced with the requirement to demonstrate detailed knowledge when the specific content of the exam is unknown.  And candidates that finally come to terms with this reality are generally among those who routinely call to seek my help.

Many CPA candidates are also under the false impression that attending an institutional CPA review course will lead to their success in passing the exam.  For most candidates, nothing could be further from the truth.  This is because the CPA exam is primarily a test of intelligence and deductive reasoning rather than an academic assessment of knowledge and memory.  Further, most institutionalized CPA review courses that cater to the masses and taught in a classroom setting offer only a review of selected material and simply cannot be expected to develop your intellect and deductive reasoning skills and thus make you a "smarter" person.  And since a typical CPA exam includes only a very small selection of material from the entire body of knowledge the candidate is expected to know, the successful candidate must master all of the required material and demonstrate superior intellect in order to succeed.  And this generally only possible through a comprehensive mentored program of "one-on-one" CPA exam preparation and review whereby candidates learn all the material they are required to know and become more intelligent and capable of separating themselves from the common majority in passing the exam and becoming a CPA.  So if you were planning to enroll in an institutional CPA review course, don't expect their program to make you any smarter than you already are, and don't expect their course instructors to provide you with any meaningful progress toward achieving your goal of becoming a CPA.  Not surprisingly, candidates who have already tried the institutionalized CPA review approach and/or the self-study approach are among those who call on me most often for personalized and comprehensive "one-on-one" CPA exam preparation and review.

Another major dilemma faced by many CPA candidates is they have absolutely no clue on how to determine if and/or when they are sufficiently prepared to take the exam.  That's my job.  Based on your performance and progress, I will tell you when you are ready to sit for the exam and you must simply trust my professional judgment; as your personal educator, advisor, advocate, and consultant.  I've been teaching CPA exam preparation and review for more than twenty five years and I take my job very seriously.  I have also developed perhaps the most comprehensive, organized, and effective CPA exam review program available anywhere, and once our CPA review program is complete, you will have undoubtedly gained the necessary edge to pass the CPA exam through both academic enhancement and intellectual development.  In other words, my primary goal (and a required element for your success) is quite literally to make you a "smarter" person.  But this takes time... So at the onset of the program, I encourage all of my CPA review students to be open-minded regarding their timetable for taking the exam until such time as they become more intelligent while at the same time, more knowledgeable of the required material without compromise.  And for those exam candidates that are willing and able to rise to the challenge, I am happy to report that all of my CPA review graduates enjoy a 100% pass rate on the CPA exam.


In conclusion... My reputation for teaching excellence and CPA review is well known throughout the entire South Florida business community (references available upon request).  Accordingly, both first-time exam candidates and repeat test-takers routinely come from far and wide to attend my personalized "one-on-one" CPA preparation and review program.  We cover all the required material and the pace is swift.  And for all my students who pass the exam, my CPA review program and professional guidance has often been the key determinant for their success.  I therefore encourage all serious CPA exam candidates (who have yet to pass all four parts of the exam) to contact me at (954) 922-8040 so we can discuss the specifics of your particular situation.  Iíll also let you know what appointment times are currently available on my teaching schedule.


Andrew S. Rosz, CPA, Instructor
South Florida CPA Exam Review Program

P.S. For more information on program specifics and approximately how long the program is going to take, please CLICK HERE.


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